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Technology icon Technology | Wikipedia on DVD?
If you use Wikipedia fairly often, then you might be interested that a publishing firm in Germany will print and publish the German-language version of Wikipedia onto DVD and print! Surely you can't update the offline version but I suppose it's good for the kiddies who have limited interweb connection and still need to access the encyclopedia. Read more .
Friday 2005-12-09 01:23 pm by RaDragon

Internet icon Internet | Anti-virus scanner added to Gmail
Google's Gmail has previously simply blocked suspicious attachments. They have since added anti-virus scanning to each message sent and received through their Gmail service. If you still don't have a Gmail account, head over to this thread to get one. News reported by .
Saturday 2005-12-03 07:03 pm by GideonX

Technology icon Technology | Nissan's new car paint
Nissan has developed a new car paint which will heal itself. Depending on temperature and severity of the scratch, it can take a day and up to a week before the scratches fix itself. Read more .
Saturday 2005-12-03 06:30 pm by GideonX

Gaming icon Gaming | Sony's paid graffiti
Sony has been found to have hired fake graffiti artists to spray fake advertisements for their PSP system. Some local artist took offense and decided to make some 'changes'. View more of the photos .
Saturday 2005-12-03 06:13 pm by GideonX

Gaming icon Gaming | USB Powered Air Darts
I saw this over on BoingBoing and thought it would be the perfect office annoyance. You can control the darts with a Mac or PC. Buy yours .
Saturday 2005-12-03 05:56 pm by GideonX

Affiliates icon Affiliates | Saturday afternoon hardware bits
Some reading material for this lazy afternoon wink

Saturday 2005-12-03 05:45 pm by GideonX

Security icon Security | Sony Pulling It's Copy-Protected CDs
Bowing to consumer protests and scrutiny, Sony BMG Music Entertainment are pulling the controversial copy-protected CDs and allowing exchanges for consumers who purchased these CDs. They have also stated that they will stop making copy-protected CDs that uses the same rootkit technology. Back to the drawing board, eh?
Wednesday 2005-11-16 12:16 pm by RaDragon

Software icon Software | Apple Freebie Snubbed
Steve Jobs, bless his philantropic soul, offered to give Mac OS X free to students of a computing program in developing countries but was turned down by the program's director. The charity, "One Laptop Per Child" selected Red Hat's Linux instead because they wanted users to be able to "tinker" with it. Read more .
Tuesday 2005-11-15 11:38 am by RaDragon

Security icon Security | Microsoft to remove Sony malware from PCs
In a piece reported by among other technology reporting agencies, Microsoft Window's Antispyware application will detect Sony's DRM (aka Malware) and remove this copy protection technology. Read Jason Garm's blog post . He discusses what they will be releasing with MS's Antispyware beta. He also happens to be the Architect & Group Project Manager for Microsoft's Anti-Malware Technology Team. I wonder what Sony will think of this... smile
Tuesday 2005-11-15 11:28 am by RaDragon

Technology icon Technology | Keep your shoes on � Airport shoe scanner
For air travelers, having to be at the airport 1-3 hours in advance to catch your flight can be quite a hassle. I myself experienced the extra security measures post 9/11. It took me approximately 45 minutes just to be the next to be inspected. The extra metal detection and slight frisking is nothing. But having to stop and take off your shoes is a bugger. To answer the call of TSA�s SWIS (Shoe Weapons Inspection Systems) program, came up with a shoe scanner to help speed up your passage towards your gate. Hopefully, such systems can be integrated into one pass-through checkpoint. So most, if not all, security checks can be done as easy as walking through a metal detector.
I�m not sure if this kind of scanner will be available and in use by December of this year. So I�ll probably wear Velcro-strapped sandals for my trip. Socks with the sandals though? It�s cold so I guess that�s reason enough to wear socks with sandals. Maybe I�ll wear black socks.

Tuesday 2005-11-08 04:11 pm by x24

Technology icon Technology | The Jack-PC thin client
The Jack-PC is a thin client fully integrated in a LAN jack. Connected to a Server-Based Computing environment, and powered via Ethernet cables, this thin client gives new meaning to �Remote Management�. All you need is a display and your input devices such as a keyboard or mouse. The Empire had something like these all over the Death Star. So in case you got stuck in a compressing garbage room, radio to your and tell him to shut it down via a Jack-PC

Wednesday 2005-11-02 05:03 pm by x24

Hardware icon Hardware | iEarwax, err PodFitKit - keepin' your buds in your ears
Here�s something to keep your ear buds in your ears. The PodFitKit is a silicon material that you mold to the shape of your ear area where ear buds sit. This material will then harden to keep its shape, but would still be pliable enough for comfort, or maybe easy removal. That is, if you�ve molded it good enough to be removed. And guys (maybe hopefully not the ladies), make sure you trim your stylish ear hair first before you do some molding (eew?). The silicon material, as seen on the product pics, comes in a baby blue color. I guess green won�t be an appealing choice.

Tuesday 2005-11-01 12:51 pm by x24

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