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Technology icon Technology | Dell Seen Rolling Out AMD-System in Sept.
Dell will finally be offering AMD systems later this fall.
"NEW YORK (AP) - Dell Inc. could roll out a desktop computer based on an Advanced Micro Devices Inc. chip as early as September, according to a Wall Street analyst.

The report comes less than a month after Dell Inc. said it would begin using chips made by Advanced Micro Devices Inc., spurning its longtime partner Intel Corp."
Reported by .
Thursday 2006-06-15 10:07 am by GideonX

Gaming icon Gaming | Major shipment of black DS Lites missing
It looks like a HUGE shipment of black DS Lites have been stolen!
"Some reports suggest that black DS Lites have recently entered Hong Kong's 'black' market, prompting police to suspect that the missing cargo container has indeed been stolen. Police are offering a 1,000,000 HKD (almost $129,000) reward for information about the lost goods."
I hope this doesn't slow down the release of the black version. I want one! Reported by .
Thursday 2006-06-15 10:05 am by GideonX

Hardware icon Hardware | PCI Express shifts gears to double speed
PCI Express is nearing version 2.0 smile
"Originally, the version 2.0 was set slated for release in late 2005. Now the group plans to conduct some in-depth tests based on the current 0.7 draft to arrive at a final version before the end of 2006.

Generally doubling speed in a given design means halving distance. Thus engineers have several open questions whether some connectors, board materials or other aspects of existing designs may have to change to accommodate the new speeds in the existing form factors."
Reported by .
Friday 2006-06-09 03:23 pm by GideonX

Affiliates icon Affiliates | Friday Afternoon Hardware Round up
Some light reading for everyone.

Friday 2006-06-09 03:05 pm by GideonX

Security icon Security | Hotels.com Customer Data Stolen
If you are a customer of Hotels.com, your credit card information may be at risk. A consultant from Ernst & Young left a laptop in a locked car, which eventually was stolen. What boggles the mind is that the data was unencrypted. It was also stolen back in February, it's not June. I suppose it's protocol to report these types of things to customers 4 months later?
"Hotels.com is warning nearly a quarter of a million customers that they may have had their credit card numbers stolen, following the theft of an unencrypted laptop belonging to the travel Web site's auditor, Ernst & Young Global.

The laptop was stolen in late February after an Ernst & Young employee left it inside a locked vehicle, according to Hotels.com Senior Compliance Officer Cathy Bump. Ernst & Young notified Hotels.com of the theft on May 3, and after determining which customers were affected by the data breach, the two companies began sending out letters last week notifying approximately 243,000 customers of the theft.

The laptop contained names, addresses, and credit or debit card information, mostly related to Hotels.com transactions that occurred in 2004, although some customers who made purchases in 2003 and 2002 were also affected."
Reported by .
Saturday 2006-06-03 01:39 pm by GideonX

Internet icon Internet | The Pirate Bay is back online
After pressure from the US and other interests, The Pirate Bay servers were seized by Swedish authorities. However, PB did vow to come back online, which they did today.
"It's no secret ThePirateBay.org existed for three years without any concern for copyright enforcement. The Swedish government and authorities seemed unconcerned, while Antipiratbyr�n's (the Swedish Anti-Piracy Bureau) efforts equaled little more than a paper tiger.

Events would have likely continued in that direction, however according to a report by SVT.se (Swedish Public Service TV), an element of the United States government pressed for the closure of ThePirateBay.org."
Reported by .
Saturday 2006-06-03 01:29 pm by GideonX

Modding icon Modding | The SmackBook Pro
One of the neatest ways to mess around with the built in motion sensor on the Macbook Pro lappie.
"Turns out, the laptop has a built-in motion sensor. Nominally, it's there to protect the internal hard drive. The basic idea is this: If the accelerometer suddenly notices that the gravitational pull of earth is no longer present, the most likely explanation is that the laptop, sensor and all, is currently accelerating at 9.81 m/s� towards said earth. In that case, it will (wisely) try to turn the hard drive off in preparation for impact.

It can, however, also be used in situations not involving lobbing the laptop across the room, fun though that may be."
Make sure you watch the . wink
Thursday 2006-05-25 09:38 am by GideonX

Technology icon Technology | Dell is making the switch
Dell has finally decided to make the switch to using AMD processors in their machines. Shares rose immediately.
"While Dell remains the world's biggest PC maker, it has been losing market share to Hewlett-Packard and others.

Still, analysts and investors were encouraged by Dell's plan to begin using chips from AMD in some of its high-end servers, a major switch for a company that had used microprocessors from Intel Corp. exclusively.

The move toward AMD chips "will enable Dell to compete more aggressively in the server market," said Momin Khan, an analyst with Technology Business Research."
Reported by .
Friday 2006-05-19 11:33 pm by GideonX

Software icon Software | Microsoft Announces Vista Hardware Requirements
MS has released the minimum requirements to successfully run their new OS, Windows Vista.
"Vista will be the most demanding operating system Microsoft has sold to date, and the company suggests that machines running Vista�s Premium version, which includes the Windows Aero experience, have at least a 1GHz processor, 1GB of RAM, and a Direct X9-capable 3D graphics system.

Aero compatibility lets you view some of Vista�s extra eye candy, such as fancy transparent menus and slick-looking 3D graphical elements. Minimum requirements for basic Vista include an 800 MHz or faster CPU and 512 Mbytes of RAM. Your graphics subsystem only needs to support Direct X9."
Looks like MANY people will need to upgrade to be able to run Vista smoothly. Find our if you are ready on Microsoft's page. Reported by .
Friday 2006-05-19 11:28 pm by GideonX

Security icon Security | Killer phrase will fill your PC with spam
If you want to stay away from spyware or malware, do not type this search phrase in.
"THERE IS ONE phrase which, if you type into any search engine will expose your PC to shed-loads of spam, according to a new report.

Researchers Ben Edelman and Hannah Rosenbaum reckon that typing the phrase "Free Screensavers" into any search engine is the equivalent of lighting a blue touch paper and standing well back."
Read more .
Saturday 2006-05-13 02:09 pm by GideonX

Gaming icon Gaming | Best and Worst of E3
PCWorld has compiled what they believe is the best and worst of this year's E3 convention.
"It's a tough job, we know. But someone's gotta do it. We trekked to Los Angeles this week for the Electronic Entertainment Expo, the annual showcase for the latest and greatest in gaming. We braved long lines and played plenty of video games to find out what's hot--and what's not. Here's our take on this year's show.

Best of Show

In Control: It was great to see Nintendo's Wii controller in action. Motion detection in the device lets you mimic your game's steering wheel, sword, gun, bow and arrow, tennis racquet and more. A built-in speaker gives further feedback, such as the twang of a bow in Zelda. Meanwhile, Sony's standard PlayStation 3 wireless controller will have six degrees of freedom: It can maneuver through the X, Y, and Z axis, so you can rotate, pitch, and roll through most all aspects of gameplay. We tried the controller ourselves, and it worked particularly well with WarHawk. The Nintendo has the edge on uniqueness and sheer innovation, but the Playstation 3 is expected to be a much more powerful machine when it launches on November 17 in the U.S. priced at $499 (20GB) and $599 (60GB)."
Read more .
Saturday 2006-05-13 01:55 pm by GideonX

Security icon Security | The O RLY virus
A new virus is making specific rounds on networks shared printers. The virus sends the internet made famous picture of the white owl with the 'O RLY' slogan to any shared printer the infected computer is attached to.
"�Most malware authors these days encrypt their executables with packers in an attempt to make them harder to detect, this one does not. It is also written in Visual Basic, which is unusual for a virus today,� he said.

However the worm was hard-coded within and targets a specific network path to almost 40 different printers.

"It appears this malware was written for a specific organisation, by someone who had inside knowledge of their IT infrastructure," said Cluley.
Reported by .
Saturday 2006-05-13 01:48 pm by GideonX

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