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Security icon Security | Man gets 7 years for software piracy
Either this man was incredibly daring or just out right dumb. Selling pirated CDs on a public website?
"The owner of a software piracy Web site has been sentenced to more than seven years in prison--the longest sentence ever handed down for software piracy.

Nathan Peterson, 27, of Los Angeles, sold copyrighted software at a huge discount on his site, iBackups.net, prosecutors said. The FBI began investigating the site in 2003 and shut it down in February 2005.

U.S. District Court Judge T.S. Ellis III on Friday ordered Peterson to pay restitution of more than $5.4 million. Peterson pleaded guilty in December in Alexandria, Va., to two counts of copyright infringement for illegally copying and selling more than $20 million in software."
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Monday 2006-09-11 09:37 am by GideonX

Security icon Security | Samsung Telecom plays unwilling host to Trojan
Seems like a compromised server at Samsung is leaking trojans onto the internet.
"The Samsung Telecom's site is inadvertently hosting malware, according to web security firm Websense.

The US-based site contains a number directories and files which, if downloaded and run, install malicious code on end-users' machines. Among the nasties currently housed on the site is a Trojan horse designed to log data submitted to online banking websites.

In mitigation, the site doesn't harbour exploit code that might be used to download malicious files without user interaction. Surfers would have to be tricked into downloading and running hostile code in order to get infected, a process nonetheless facilitated by the trusted nature of Samsung Telecom's site."
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Friday 2006-09-08 04:58 pm by GideonX

Technology icon Technology | HP investigators hacked reporters' phone data
The scandal at HP just keeps on growing.
"In an effort to track down the source of information leaks by Hewlett-Packard Co. insiders, private investigators working for the company obtained reporters' telephone records without permission, the company told MSNBC.com on Thursday.

The reporters' records were accessed as part of a private investigation into news leaks that was initiated by company Chairwoman Patricia Dunn.

The investigators got the records by impersonating journalists from the Wall Street Journal, CNET.com and other news organizations in a practice known as �pretexting,� the company said."
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Friday 2006-09-08 04:52 pm by GideonX

Technology icon Technology | Microsoft designs a school system
MS has opened up their very own high school in Pennsylvania.
"PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania (AP) -- Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates has famously called high schools "obsolete" and warned about their effect on U.S. competitiveness. Now, his company has a chance to prove that it can help fix the woes of public education.

After three years of planning, the Microsoft Corp.-designed "School of the Future" opened its doors Thursday, a gleaming white modern facility looking out of place amid rows of ramshackle homes in a working-class West Philadelphia neighborhood.

The school is being touted as unlike any in the world, with not only a high-tech building -- students have digital lockers and teachers use interactive "smart boards" -- but also a learning process modeled on Microsoft's management techniques."
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Friday 2006-09-08 04:49 pm by GideonX

Affiliates icon Affiliates | Thursday news round up
Some reading for this afternoon.

Thursday 2006-08-31 03:29 pm by GideonX

Software icon Software | Firefox 2 Beta2 available!
For the adventurous folks, feel free to test drive the new Beta of FF2.
"Firefox 2 Beta 2 is a developer preview release of our next generation Firefox browser and it is being made available for testing purposes only. Firefox 2 Beta 2 is intended for Web application developers and our testing community. Current users of Firefox 1.x should not use Firefox 2 Beta 2 and expect all of their extensions and plugins to work properly."Download your copy .
Thursday 2006-08-31 03:22 pm by GideonX

Internet icon Internet | Pluto gets no more
They gave Pluto the boot!
"PRAGUE, Czech Republic (AP) -- Leading astronomers declared Thursday that Pluto is no longer a planet under historic new guidelines that downsize the solar system from nine planets to eight.

After a tumultuous week of clashing over the essence of the cosmos, the International Astronomical Union stripped Pluto of the planetary status it has held since its discovery in 1930. The new definition of what is -- and isn't -- a planet fills a centuries-old black hole for scientists who have labored since Copernicus without one."
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Thursday 2006-08-24 11:02 am by GideonX

Technology icon Technology | eMachines bids on Gateway
In a strange twist, eMachine's founder offers $450 million to acquire the retail business of Gateway. Strangely, Gateway bought out eMachines in 2004 for $290 million.
"The offer disclosed Wednesday from Lap Shun Hui came two days after Harbert Management Corp., a Birmingham, Ala., investment firm, said it had acquired 10.2 percent of Gateway stock.

Gateway shares soared 13.4 percent, or 23 cents, to close at $1.95 Wednesday on the
New York Stock Exchange. The stock is up 50 percent since hitting a year-low of $1.30 on Aug. 10.

Gateway, the No. 3 PC-maker in the United States, said its board will review Hui's bid with the help of financial and legal advisers."
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Thursday 2006-08-24 09:15 am by GideonX

Gaming icon Gaming | Nintendo Wii will have free net play!
Just like the DS network, Wii will have free internet play.
"Q: A few years ago, Nintendo made a conscious decision to lie low when Microsoft introduced Xbox Live and began promoting its subscription online gaming service. In retrospect, does that look like a good decision?

A: I wasn't here. What I can tell you is the way we've approached online play now is really with a view to the masses. With Nintendo DS (a dual-screen handheld player), for example, we offer free Internet play in a wide-ranging series of games. Our focus is getting as many consumers to enjoy that online experience as possible. And we've done that."
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Tuesday 2006-08-15 04:01 pm by GideonX

Technology icon Technology | Dell Recalls 4.1 Million Batteries
The largest technology recall in history. Go check your batteries!
"The recall raises broader questions about lithium-ion batteries, which are used in a host of devices like cellphones, portable power tools, camcorders, digital cameras and MP3 players. The potential for such batteries to catch fire has been acknowledged for years and has prompted more limited recalls in the past. But a number of recent fires involving notebook computers, some aboard planes, have brought renewed scrutiny.

Dell has reported to the safety agency that it documented six instances since December in which notebooks overheated or caught on fire. None of the incidents caused injuries or death. Dell said the problems were a result of a manufacturing defect in batteries made by Sony."
Check your PPID numbers . Read the full story over at the .
Tuesday 2006-08-15 03:58 pm by GideonX

Technology icon Technology | Nvidia Reveal $18,000 PC Graphics Card
It's cost about the same price as a little car laughing
"The one "node" can house up to eight Quadro FX graphics chips in two Plex 1000 systems that are connected via SLI and are supported by an AMD- or Intel-based 32-bit or 64-bit host system running Windows or Linux. According to Nvidia, a node can achieve up to 64x full scene anti-aliasing (FSAA), deliver a performance of up to 148 megapixels on 16 synchronized digital-output channels and eight HD SDI channels. The firm says that the fill rate reaches 80 billion pixels/s while the geometry performance is rated at seven billion vertices/s."
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Friday 2006-08-04 03:24 pm by GideonX

Technology icon Technology | Electricty from train ticket gates
Here's an ingenius way to generate electricity without much effort. Everytime someone goes through a ticket gate, electricity is created. Let's call it, human powered.
"JR-East, who worked with Keio University to develop the system, claims that in addition to being put to use as an independent power supply that does not require hardwiring, the system can also be used as a way of measuring the traffic flow through ticket gates.

The system is being tested at the JR-East head office in Shibuya, where it is installed at the entrance to the reception area on the 4th floor. As visitors pass through the gate, a lamp lights up, signifying that electricity has been produced. Testing of the system will continue until August 11."
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Friday 2006-08-04 03:20 pm by GideonX

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