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Technology icon Technology | Cisco Adds VoIP Handsets to iPhone Line
Cisco beats Apple to punch and releases their own iPhone line of products.
"With buzz about Apple's (Nasdaq: AAPL) Latest News about Apple rumored iPhone growing, Linksys, a unit of Cisco (Nasdaq: CSCO) Latest News about Cisco Systems, on Monday announced new additions to its own iPhone product line. The company introduced a series of Web-enabled telephone handsets designed to work with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services.

The new phone family lets users do more with their phone than talk, but for all of the compelling dual-mode technology and content partnerships, it is the fate of the "iPhone" name that seems to be drawing the most interest.

Apple seems powerless to fight the networking giant for the name, which would compliment its iPod and iTunes empire. Cisco has owned the trademark on the "iPhone" brand since 2000, when it acquired Infogear for US$301 million. Infogear registered the name in 1996 before the iPod or iTunes were market phenomena."
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Wednesday 2006-12-20 08:45 am by GideonX

Gaming icon Gaming | Nintendo recalls faulty wriststraps
Since some folks who have the Wii can't hold onto the controller, the Big N is recalling the 'faulty' wriststraps.
" TOKYO (XFN-ASIA) - Nintendo Co Ltd will recall 3.2 mln hand straps for its new Wii game console after reports of enthusiastic users inadvertently throwing the motion-sensing controller into their TV screens, the company said.

'We are announcing the recall of 3.2 mln straps for the Wii computer remote controllers,' Nintendo (other-otc: NTDOY.PK - news - people ) spokesman Yasuhiro Minagawa said.

'The decision comes after reports that some users in the US threw their controllers when playing with Wii sports software,' he said."
Read more .
Friday 2006-12-15 01:19 pm by GideonX

Affiliates icon Affiliates | Friday hardware roundup
Some light reading to make Friday go by quicker.

Friday 2006-12-15 01:17 pm by GideonX

Internet icon Internet | Philips combats copyrighted video
Philips is trying to prevent copyrighted videos from appearing on Youtube and the likes.
"The service, known as MediaHedge, works by checking the digital fingerprint, or unique characteristics, of video files and looking for a match in Philips' database of video content. If a match it found, the system can block the video from uploading or enforce usage restrictions.

The service can spot a match even if the video clip is degraded, altered or is only a small slice of the original video, according to Philips Content Identification, a unit of the Netherlands' Philips Electronics NV. Philips has yet to announce customers who will be using the MediaHedge system, although copyright holders are expected to be required to subscribe to the service in order to have their content included in Philips' database."
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Friday 2006-12-15 01:09 pm by GideonX

Internet icon Internet | CINet Senior editor and family missing [UPDATE]
If anyone has any information, please contact Inspector Angela Martin of the San Francisco Missing Persons Unit at 415-558-5508, or the operation center at 553-1071.
"A San Francisco couple who took a road trip with their two young daughters to spend Thanksgiving in the Pacific Northwest did not return as expected Monday and is now considered missing.

San Francisco police are asking the public's help in locating James and Kati Kim and their two daughters, Penelope, 4, and Sabine, 7 months. The family was last seen in Portland, Oregon, on Saturday."
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12/4 UPDATE:
Sunday 2006-12-03 10:26 pm by GideonX

Security icon Security | Nike+ iPod Used For Surveillance
I'm with the first commenter. What's the difference between this and carrying a cell phone?
"Our research also shows that there exist simple cryptographic techniques that the Nike+iPod Sport Kit designers could have used to improve the privacy-preserving properties of the Nike+iPod kit,' the group reports. 'Our work underscores the need for a broad public discussion about and further research on the privacy-preserving properties of new wireless personal gadgets,' the group reports. 'We stress, however, that there is no evidence that Apple or Nike intended for these devices to be used in any malicious manner. Additionally, neither Apple nor Nike endorsed this study."
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Sunday 2006-12-03 10:18 pm by GideonX

Technology icon Technology | Asus releases Skype friendly mobo
Jump on the Skype wagon!
"Asustek announced the introduction of two new motherboards that help bridge the gap between your standard phone and access to VoIP. The motherboards achieve this with the inclusion of the Asus TeleSky telecom adapter, which allows a standard phone to function as a VoIP phone as well.

The Asustek M2N/TeleSky and the P5B/TeleSky motherbaords both incorporate this new connection, which takes a standard phone input and another jack for connecting to your home phone network. This allows you to build a PC that supports both Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTN) and Skype."
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Sunday 2006-12-03 10:13 pm by GideonX

Technology icon Technology | Doom on the $100 laptop
There's always room for Doom!
"Now image you are the One Laptop Per Child software design team, and you've just received the very first order of Children's Machine XO's. Around a thousand pounds of laptops actually, and you wanna take one for a fun filled test drive.

You could play with all the software on them, like AbiWord or the Sugar OS, or you could install new software you've developed just for this working model.

Or you could do what Christopher Blizzard and friends did. You could get all old school crazy and install and play DOOM (the original) on the OLPC XO:"
Watch the video .
Tuesday 2006-11-28 10:45 pm by GideonX

Affiliates icon Affiliates | Tuesday night roundup
Some weekly reading smile

Tuesday 2006-11-28 10:37 pm by GideonX

Gaming icon Gaming | 2 million Nintendo Wiis by year end?
Somehow, I don't doubt the big N's abilities.
"Of the three console makers, Nintendo so far seems to have done the most thorough job in getting retailers and distributors stocked. The $250 Wii console, which went on sale over the weekend, was available in several retail outlets. Some early buyers are selling consoles on eBay, but generally current bidding is in the $300 to $400 range with games and extras.

By contrast, Sony will only bring a few hundred thousand PlayStation 3 consoles to the states by the end of the year, according to various estimates. eBay bidders are putting $700 and $900 bids on the $499 and $599 consoles. (Some buyers are listing minimum bids of $1,000 or more, but these auctions have attracted few punters.)"
Read more
Wednesday 2006-11-22 09:09 am by GideonX

Technology icon Technology | Golf balls hit by cosmonaut will circle Earth
A record swing wink
"But in near-zero gravity, Tyurin won't need clubhead speed or rotary hip power to best the biggest hitters on the professional tour. The balls are expected to circle the Earth for three days, flying millions of miles before gravity tugs them on destructive plunges through the atmosphere.

Said Shireman: "It might last forever in terms of the golf statistics."

Toronto-based Element 21 Golf Company is paying the Russian Federal Space Agency an undisclosed amount of money for Tyurin to carry out the so-called "golf experiment." A television commercial is envisioned."
Wednesday 2006-11-22 09:00 am by GideonX

Affiliates icon Affiliates | Wednesday roundup
Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Wednesday 2006-11-22 08:57 am by GideonX

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